Liposuction Testimonial

I highly recommend Dr. Knotts. A number of years ago, I went to another plastic surgeon in the tri-state area for liposuction and breast reduction. I was  happy with the results, kept the weight off and felt great. Then “life happened” and I made the decision to get liposuction again.

During my consult with Dr. Knotts, he explained the difference between regular lipo and VASER lipo and gave me an honest assessment of what I could expect. As this was a secondary procedure, we decided the VASER technique was the best option. Being in the unique position to compare, from consult to post-op, the Austin-Weston Center far surpasses my previous experience.

I am 4 months post-surgery and I feel great every day. Dr. Knotts was able to take out far more pounds than he initially anticipated. I am thrilled with the results and told him he removed far more than fat. He removed emotional and stress-related issues while restoring my confidence. Dr. Knotts is a very caring person and a highly skilled surgeon. He explains things thoroughly, you never feel like you’re rushed and he answers questions honestly.

Plastic surgery is a very personal thing to even consider, nonetheless talk about and see to fruition. Dr. Knotts will put you at ease from day 1 and you will not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. This was one of the best decisions of my life. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

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