ASPS Los Angeles

Plastic Surgery meeting in Los Angeles

I was honored to be invited to speak in Los Angeles last week at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons along with Drs. Weston and Sigal. It was my second time speaking on the topic of “Around-the-mouth Surgery” and probably the 15th or 20th for the other doctors. Dr. Poindexter also gave his input on the topic for many years but decided to stay in Virginia and hold down the fort this year while the rest of us trekked across the United States.

The three of us divide the talk into all the components of rejuvenating an aging mouth. Dr. Weston gives his ‘old guy’ perspective regarding his years of experience and thoughts on current trends, Dr. Sigal tackles the most difficult topic of working on the skin and fat around the mouth with lasers, fat transfer and skin peels, and I talk about surgeries to shorten and lift the lips and mouth. Finally, Dr. Weston wraps up with lots of illustrative photographs of surgical patients and how to ‘put it all together,’ followed by a group question-and-answer session with members of the audience.

It was striking how many surgeons in the room had never performed the surgeries we consider routine. The room was completely full with plastic surgeons standing in the back after all the other seats were full, and around 2/3 said they had never performed a lip lift procedure, which is probably our most straightforward surgery for rejuvenating the face.

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