What an amazing review for Dr. Knotts on Angie’s List!

AUSTIN-WESTON - Dr. KnottsDr. Knotts treated my son for a sport’s injury, cauliflower ear. Dr. Knotts quickly put us at ease with his thorough examination and expert treatment. Dr Knotts’ compassion and understanding of the injury, a personal knowledge of the sport, and his skill and proficiency in treatment gave us an excellent outcome.

I truly felt that we had the entire staff of Austin-Weston in our corner from first phone contact I had with them. Toni was excellent in answering my questions and booking my son’s appointment. Besides being a skilled surgeon, Dr. Knotts was quite insightful in dealing with my son. My son was comfortable during the procedure and post-op visit. Because Dr. Knotts had a personal knowledge of the sport and possesses a gift in dealing with people, he was able to effortlessly keep up a conversation during the surgery. My son was very compliant with the post-op recommendations because he felt Dr. Knotts understood him, was an expert in the field and especially in this injury. My son’s ear looks terrific. I would also like to thank Tiara for assisting the doctor and Ellen for working with me regarding billing and payments.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Knotts was the fourth doctor to look at my son’s ear. Even the hospital emergency room did not feel competent to deal with this issue. I would certainly recommend Dr. Knotts and also the staff of Austin-Weston. Five Stars!

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